Monday, March 28, 2016

Social Brownie Points and Virtue Signalling?

Leonardo DiCaprio begs humanity to stop the biggest #climate polluters…hmmm, examples of big polluters? How about Leo DiCaprio, Ted Turner III, Al Gore? Ironically, they are barking  loudly about the climate while playing with #privatejets #yachts #mansions.... #yolo #irony.
Above and beyond these prancing boobs, many climate advocates plead about taking action while absurdly subsidizing the ecocidal factory farming and fishing industries with their own mouths and wallets
That is, meat and fishing industries are among the most potent and toxic destroyers of the environment (keeping in mind that the environment has a direct and immediate impact on #climate) with species extinction, deforestation, fresh water depletion, ocean dead zones and more. 
If a person truly wants to make a difference, then look no further than the breakfast/lunch/dinner plate and the meat and fishing industries that supply it.

Cheers for your kind consideration. Continued reading found here, Power of You

More from the Sydney Morning Herald: 
Leonardo DiCaprio's climate speech at odds with his huge carbon footprint

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