Monday, March 7, 2016

¿Adios Amigos? Vaya con diosa...

This post is in response to Make America Migrate (New York Daily News, 2nd March 2016)

Astonishingly, the top recommendations of NY Daily News author Meg Warner are draconian Singapore and Ecuador– both countries on (or very near) the blistering equator and both suffer from human rights issues, especially regarding free speech and the right to protest ruling regime policies.

Ecuador: “People engaging in public protests against environmental and other issues are prosecuted for ‘terrorism and sabotage’, which may lead to an eight-year prison sentence.” -WORLD REPORT 2013, Human Rights Watch. pp. 1–3. Retrieved September 13, 2014

Singapore has the highest execution rate in the world relative to its population including executions for drug trafficking –  Amnesty International.

Additionally, Singapore immigrants can expect a caning for certain immigration violations -- ironic in light of the NY Daily News author's views on the US' more liberal immigration policies and the debate of which is needling her to the point of plotting emigration to less liberal outposts.

The author decries Mexican 'drug lords' and brings up visa requirements to emigrate legally to Mexico and other destinations while hypocritically deriding a certain candidate (the bashing of whom is sure to win social brownie points) for doing the same. 

It is a piece full of ironic hypocrisy and misguided recommendations...unless an émigré can adjust to roasting in Singapore (the top recommendation), a heavy-handed pressure cooker, or some place less recommendable...

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