Sunday, October 7, 2018

Nimrods, 'are you not entertained?'

Meanwhile, back in the Milky Way Galaxy...WTH? Naked apes posting death-porn of themselves next to dead animals on social media.
Goofy-faced nimrods puffing up chests next to lifeless lesser creatures whose eyes they've glazed -- what could be less courageous than gloating about killing lesser beasts under the human dominion -- animals that haven’t developed and adapted defenses against ever-advancing human trickery, camouflage techniques and advanced weaponry.
Their innocen
t heads are incapable of comprehending the deathly devious human mind crazy for their death and boastful corpse-porn as proud, social media-crazy, naked apes display evidence of ‘sporting’ fetishes across anti-social media -- carcasses of elephants, lions and other 'exotic' kills and closer to #Idahome plenty of gorgeous fish, 'game' birds, forest creatures, etc, stolen from their natural habitat and transported to virtual reality -- Facef*ck, Instagram, Sh*tter and elsewhere for Likes... 'Are you not entertained?'
Anything more inter-galactically vapid than proud naked apes roaming earth, photographing and bragging about narcissistic bloodsport?
'Are you not entertained...?'

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