Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Journalists Commentators and News Readers these days seem more intent on imposing their world view than serving truth. Whether intentional or out of ignorance, they're misleading low-information yet high-emotion people and warping society for the worst. #RAGEist  
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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

World's Highest Trash Dump...?

From the article (linked below) it's not quite clear what climbers themselves are leaving behind--they are REQUIRED to hire outfitters with costs inflated to line the pockets of Kathmandu bureaucRATS who also pilfer the fees to access Everest
Therein, doesn't much of the 'cleanup' responsibility lie with the people receiving such fees and profits--the government (including thieving mandarins) and requisite guides--at least more than climbers who in general tend to be conservationists of the outdoor paradise they adore?️

And to whom and where is the burden of tonnes of trash and human waste of ‘cleanup’being transported?!?
What Himalayan community is the unlucky recipient of that filth or perhaps just another I/NGO #MoneyGrab #boondoggle -- aid profiteering by 'saving the environment' with little to no accountability and virtually no oversight -- exploiting genuine environmental concerns to game the system for 'aid' funding and perhaps social merit points that serve to promote the very people/organisations/businesses involved in the aid profiteering?
#CorruptionPollutes #Nepal