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Military Industrial Death Cult?

The following is my recent article on MediumDOTcom, Is the Tolerant Left too tolerant...? (
Is the Tolerant Left too tolerant…?

Muslims in Muslim majority nations were bombed every day for the last 8-plus years and The Resistance was mute —because the Nobel warmonger was their Nobel warmonger?!

Obush’s Wars — Military Industrial Psychosis of a Military Industrial Death Cult? Photo by Alonzo Lyons

Otherwise, explain the thunderous silence as The Drone President detonated three [bombs] per hour, twenty-four hours a day for 365 days of 2016 — on Muslims in Muslim majority lands (and on borrowed money)? And those are just 2016’s audacious numbers…similar to 2015, 2014–2013–2012–2011–2010–2009 and 2008 whereupon Obama’s cadaver-of-work melds with the previous NeoChickenhawk-in-Chief and his warlock’s brew of lethal foreign ‘adventures’.
Of what benefit have Obush’s foreign wars earned us — any benefits whatsoever?
Meanwhile, regressive liberals remained curiously restrained (and deadly silent) as Obamawars razed distant countries on borrowed money (the unpaid debt for each US taxpayer approaches $160,000 or about $60,000 per citizen). What was gained in return for running up the debt in our names…any benefits at all?
From 1776 to 2008 the USA accumulated only half of the debt liability it now faces. In other words, 232 years of government credit was doubled in 8 years of misspending including Nobel warmongering — obviously, far-flung excursions have vital costs — any benefits to them? What have we gained by going so lavishly in debt?).
Meanwhile, cry-bullies are emerging from an eight-year incubation. Their selective, partisan outrage and crony hypocrisy if not acute Military Industrial Hypocrisy is disguising a more aggressive mental ailment, Military Industrial Psychosis.

Obama’s cadaver-of-work melds with the previous NeoChickenhawk-in-Chief and his warlock’s brew of lethal ‘nation building’. Photo by Alonzo Lyons

Where have you been whimpering Senator Schumer and hacked-off Senator Pelosi? (For one, we know you gave Ol’ Slick Willy, Dixiecrat-in-Chief, a gob-smacking standing ovation for an immigration platform that was arguably stronger than DJT’s. Seeing this is believing this:

Bill Clinton 1995 State of the Union — Immigration Laws — STANDING OVATION (
Other than hypocritical belches along the way, Crony Militarists/Crony Socialists/Crony Faux-Capitalists/Neo Chicken Hawks let the cancerous war machine roil in alien lands, racking up an untold body count along with an unfathomable debt burden and all without serious resistance. These mother [huggers] (and grandmother huggers) not only accepted Obama’s expansion of Bush’s wars , they quietly allowed him to increase Bush’s spying on citizens and targeting of journalists.
Evidently, illegal data gathering on you and me, on everyone, all of the time isn’t nearly fascist enough for the self-styled ‘anti-fascists’ with apparently nothing to really protest until Trump. Although, if they try taking Trump at his word, he just might walk us back from the ‘Deep State’ abyss that the visionary Church Committee warned about in 1975.)
Here is an excerpt from the recent, temporary Executive Order: “the United States should not admit those who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred (including “honor” killings, other forms of violence against women, or the persecution of those who practice religions different from their own) or those who would oppress Americans of any race, gender, or sexual orientation.”

Cry-bullies emerge from an eight-year incubation? (Graffiti by Banksy)

Have agitators taken the time to read the Executive Order that somehow ignited their inflammable Hive Mind?
Instead, the regressive left utterly ignores anything but their version of the story, and unfortunately, that includes the Military Industrial Audacity of their Droner-in-Arms Obama who actually admits he’s, “Really good at killing people.” Oh yes, he did (gasp)!
Any doubt now why frothing cry-bullies cover their shameful faces while misbehaving, even violently (gasp again), while perhaps the Greater of Two Evils droned right on by without notice? It’s a Himalayan mountain they’ll have to summit before re-gaining a glimpse of the moral high-ground. Maybe that is why they are infuriated — their collective id/ego/superego is over-reacting to having prostituted itself to a Military Industrial Death Cult including quietly picking up its audaciously hopeless tab. Have they been outed as ‘useful fools and silly enthusiasts’ capable of Military Industrial Ignorance?
Nothing to see there’ was their Obamantra and they angrily demand you believe it, too, while concealing faces in the throes of sophomoric fits.

‘Useful fools and silly enthusiasts’ capable of Military Industrial Ignorance? (More Graffiti by Banksy)

Meanwhile, more zombie-brains are assembling. An angry Hive Mind on a virulent push for ‘open borders’ for all including refugees from the very Obamawars they vetted with silent consent — refugees from countries where the Nobel Tomb-Maker shed blood for eight years — raining down casualties and death by remote consoles with triggers pulled in faraway safe spaces, i.e., ‘drone assassinations’ of Muslims in Muslim majority lands on borrowed money. Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot?!
Does it all seem precarious to anyone — bringing in refugees from the very countries we’ve been bombing, ripping apart peoples’ lands, homes, lives and guts. Doesn’t that seem the slightest bit problematic at all? Perhaps not when the ill-formed logic of it does not breach an impenetrable echo-chamber of the collective Hive Mind’s ‘safe space’.

Social Justice Hypocrisy — impenetrable groupthink of the Hive Mind and the Obamawars they vetted with the consent of silence? Photo by Alonzo Lyons

Well, can the group-think Hive Mind at least consider why nearby countries are not keen on accepting these same refugees — do the leaders of these neighboring countries know something that the Hive Mind’s groupthink doesn’t? At least, wouldn’t migration to nearby countries with similar climate, lifestyles, foods, beverages, customs and cultures be less disruptive and more supportive? Perhaps protected zones of safety would be most supportive, effective and even economical than displacing people to foreign lands especially distant, totally foreign lands with totally different ways of life.
Social Justice Hypocrites are dying to bring religion into the mix, decrying that a ban on travel from terror-linked countries, countries split wide open by conflict, is a ‘Muslim Ban’ (despite little to no outcry by these self-same hypocrites while the Kaiser of Really-Good-At-Killing-People bombed Muslims every day for eight years — deathly macro-aggressions committed on your borrowed money and perhaps your borrowed karma, too).
If Social Justice Hypocrites open the dance floor to the tune of religion baiting — then, by that reckoning how do they dance around the fact that the world’s largest Muslim-majority nations are not keen to take in majority Muslim refugees from regions of strife (e.g., virtually all of the Gulf States demur as do northern Africa states and beyond including Indonesia, Pakistan and so on)?

Military Industrial Hypocrites will do anything but look in the mirror? (More Graffiti *ostensibly* by Banksy)

Obviously, the case of refugees is acutely sympathetic and protective zones may be the most supportive, least disruptive option available for all involved, including the refugees paying the dear humanitarian ‘costs’ of life and limb, and sponsors paying financial costs and all of us paying the grim costs of endless wars and the endless aftershocks in shattered lives.
Instead, sore losers in the US will do anything but look in the mirror and are intent on bizarre hysteria like comparing Trump to Hitler — yes, Evil Adolph, leader of a socialist (not democratic) party and aggressive expansionist (not a wall-builder).
Has the so-called Tolerant Left become too tolerant…of itself — letting itself get away with bloody m*rd*r for years, bombing Muslims in Muslim lands…“Not all the treasures of the world, so far as I believe, could have induced me to support an offensive war, for I think it murder.” -Thomas Paine, Firebrand of the American Revolutionary War.

Deathly macro-aggressions committed on borrowed money and perhaps borrowed karma, too (Kali Yuga reigns?)! Photo by Alonzo Lyons

Can these liberals pause for a moment of clarity (and perhaps atonement) and consider that what people hoped for with President Obama in 2008 (this essay’s author included), i.e., Hope and Change, might be precisely what some people on the so-called other side are now craving and a reason that an anti-establishment agent of change has been chosen (by 30 of 50 states). They are filled with Hope and Change–similar in kind brought by the man who just exited the premises with many of his shining promises past-due.
Clearly, the election was a mandate for less foreign intervention, less lethal ‘nation building’ among other issues of hopefully less statism and more personal freedoms. If Trump doesn’t prove capable of delivering, then let the protests and civil disobedience begin within the parameters of the democratic republic. As for now, agitators are being duplicitous and premature. It is time the democratic process be given a chance, otherwise, the very fascism they claim to be resisting is staring them down in the mirror. In fact, their violence might even generate what they fear the most — authority stepping in to quell their destructive hysteria.

Remember when Ruling Cronies stole the [uranium cake] from the cookie jar — where was #resist then? Selective Outrage of Crony Socialism? Photo by Alonzo Lyons

Perhaps these agitators might even consider that they are being punk’d by their own minders and leaders. The C-Span video is state’s evidence of ‘Bubba’ Clinton getting a standing ovation by the likes of Senator Schumer on immigration policies for which DJT is now being skewered and roasted over anti-fascist bonfires.
Still not convinced? Well then here are a few more instances (of many) of self-serving hypocrisy by the cronies and zealous partisans who dug us (and the Middle East) into a deep grave while The Resistance remained AWOL.
2. And where was the outcry when Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden found a lucrative position with a Ukrainian energy Big Corp board a mere year after the Navy kicked him out in 2014 for cocaine use. Any wonder how a VP’s son was entitled to a position with a sky-high salary within a year of a glaring personal scandal? Biden’s Son Hunter Discharged From Navy Reserve After Failing Cocaine Test ( …)
3. Where was the The Resistance when Hillary proclaimed We came, we saw, he DIED (chuckle) after spearheading a military assault that saw relatively liberal Qaddafi murdered and Libya subsequently devolved to chaos and fallen to ruins as a failed state — deathly suffering to millions since he was exterminated. Hillary on Qaddafi: we came, we saw, he died (

4. And no one cried in outRAGE when Madeline Albright (Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State) told Leslie Stahl, when asked point blank about the price of 500,000 dead Iraqi children, more children than died in Hiroshima, that it was ‘worth it’. Madeleine Albright says 500,000 dead Iraqi Children was “worth it” wins Medal of Freedom (

Finally, as a paz-ifist, it is very hard to stomach the following, heart-crushing excerpts from The Guardian, 9 Jan 2017, “What a bloody end to Obama’s reign” by Medea Benjamin, yet necessary to consider, not the least because of the consent of silence that allowed it to happen (emphases in bold are supplied by me):
-While candidate Obama came to office pledging to end George W Bush’s wars, he leaves office having been at war longer than any president in US history. He is also the only president to serve two complete terms with the nation at war.
-President Obama did reduce the number of US soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, but he dramatically expanded the air wars and the use of special operations forces around the globe. In 2016, US special operators could be found in 70% of the world’s nations, 138 countries — a staggering jump of 130% since the days of the Bush administration.
-every day last year, the US military blasted combatants or civilians overseas with 72 bombs; that’s three bombs every hour, 24 hours a day…rained down on people in seven majority-Muslim countries.
-Obama authorized over 10 times more drone strikes than George W Bush, and automatically painted all males of military age in these regions as combatants, making them fair game for remote controlled killing.
-The twisted legal architecture…to justify its interventions, especially extrajudicial drone killings with no geographic restrictions, will now be transferred into the erratic hands of Donald Trump.
-What does the administration have to show for eight years of fighting on so many fronts? Terrorism has spread, no wars have been “won” and the Middle East is consumed by more chaos and divisions.
-untold numbers of foreign lives have been snuffed out. We have no idea how many civilians have been killed in the massive bombings in Iraq and Syria, where the US military is often pursuing Isis in the middle of urban neighborhoods.
-Given that drones account for only a small portion of the munitions dropped in the past eight years, the numbers of civilians killed by Obama’s bombs could be in the thousands. But we can’t know for sure as the administration, and the mainstream media, has been virtually silent about the civilian toll of the administration’s failed interventions.

Has the Tolerant Left been too tolerant — of itself? Photo by Alonzo Lyons
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Monday, February 6, 2017

The Useful Monkey Mind?

The following is actual text from the recent Executive Order that infuriated the Hive Mind:

"the United States should not admit those who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred (including 'honor' killings, other forms of violence against women, or the persecution of those who practice religions different from their own) or those who would oppress Americans of any race, gender, or sexual orientation."

Executive Orders and the Useful Monkey Mind--it seems that some of us are being genuinely punk'd...the question then is, by whom?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Social Justice Hypocrisy and a Convenient Untruth?

Do self-styled 'Social Justice Warriors' ever have the suspicion that their Hive Mind is being duped?

Or, is this just more selective outrage of group-think and convenient untruth?

Was Bill Clinton more radical on immigration than DJT (video below)--and the 'tolerant left' doesn't mind while congress gives Slick Willie the Dixiecrat-in-Chief a standing ovation?

Meanwhile, back in 2017, media manipulation is fueling hysteria and even (gasp) violent behavior. Bizarre reporting seems to be fomenting incredibly negative speculation of the damage the new administration is expected to do. Speculation and commentary more than reporting of evidence...

Please rely on Independent Media as well as Mainstream Media to try to piece together what is commentary and perhaps downright fiction and what might actually be reality.