Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Yoga throwing Shade?

The following is a response to Yoga and the Roots of Cultural Appropriation by Shreena Gandhi and Lillie Wolff

Appropriation of…?

The “culture of elitism antithetical to the true roots of yoga” is the very culture of yoga where it originates (no matter the lofty aims of yoga) — that is, the “culture of elitism” in yoga is dominated by privileged, male Brahmins of an 'elite' caste responsible for centuries of oppression.

In India, yoga is and always has been dominated by privileged, male Brahmins of an 'elite' caste that is largely responsible for hideous racism and brutal apartheid, soul-crushing sexism, chronic poverty due to a deathly lack of development and endless, lethal corruption.

How can it then possibly be the provenance of “Indian women to whom this practice rightfully belongs”? Nothing seems further from reality. Since it’s advent, Indian women have been largely excluded from yoga in India where for centuries women face subjugation with extreme gender inequality and the severe ills it brings. In fact, India and China are notorious for ‘gendercide’ -- aborting females in favor of male offspring.

Doesn't accountability begin at home -- that is, with oneself? Authors, please check the facts on “cultural accountability” before wildly pointing fingers.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

RishiCult, India...

...is becoming Little Beijing? (i.e., Rishikesh, India, aka, Disneykesh)

Jaw-dangling, Otherworldly Jupiter Cloud Cover Imagery

Jaw-dangling, otherworldly Jupiter cloud cover imagery -- Nepal has dazzling scenery, too...

"High Above the Jovian Clouds: This image of colorful, turbulent clouds in #Jupiter’s northern hemisphere was captured during my latest flyby of the planet"--follow this link for dazzling images of Jupiter's clouds -- https://t.co/zQ6OFl5WLC

Visit Nepal -- adventure awaits in Nepal's Himalaya Best Treks of NepalMotorcycle Tour of the Himalaya

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Peaceful, Peace-loving Nation

Disastrously, the UN has the run of the show in countries like Nepal with venal ruling cronies and an oppressed, largely uninformed people. They do as they like with little to no oversight. Now the UN even has tanks plying the streets of this peaceful, peace-loving nation. 

It’s time to audit the UN and it’s faceless mandarins with tax-free salaries and worldwide legal immunity.

Shamefully, majority of UN are non-democratic nations, or ‘A Democracy of Dictators’
The Foxes are Guarding the Chicken Coop, http://www.humanrightsvoices.org/EYEontheUN/un_101/facts/?p=16).

Transform UN offices, buildings and structures into homeless shelters as one media commentator suggests.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hive Mind Dozes Fitfully...?

As far as I can reckon, social media is primarily for advertising or virtue signaling for social merit points.
#VastDigitalWasteland of low information and dis-information as a brainwashed Hive Mind feeds fitfully on groupthink du jour...?

artwork by Banksy :)

Meanwhile, Back in Nepal's Himalaya...

…meanwhile, back in the Himalaya:

PoliTricks have allowed six-plus decades of indefinite aid boondoggles exploiting the impoverished and extracting wealth for donor darling aid agents themselves (along with social ‘merit points’ through 'virtue signalling') and dysfunctional ruling gang as Nepal’s culture and people silently perish—an endless Dead Aid tragedy unfolds