Friday, August 12, 2016

An inconvenient overlooking while the USA has become an 'idiot's dream'?

Trump recently suggested that 'maybe the second amendment people could stop Hillary' (presumably from changing the makeup of the US Supreme Court if she were elected president of the USA).
Shocking if a threat, and he caught tremendous flak with the media while himself claiming it was only a statement about the united strength of a block of single-issue voters.

Threat or a call to unification of voters concerned over the second amendment, the videos below illustrate that prominent candidates (ironically, gun-control advocates) can be just as if not more duplicitous and inflammatory. The second amendment is unintentionally spotlighted by their ugly statements while they carelessly (and conveniently) overlook their vaunted gun-control advocacy.

Consider the following from Hillary Clinton in 2008:

And the following from Joe Biden in 2008:

...and John Kerry in 2004:

Unbelievably bizarre statements from so-called gun control advocates who smugly call out Trump as a dangerous, violent threat-maker--don't their words seem less ambiguous about violence than his do?

The following additional 'bonus' video of Democrat adviser Bob Beckel in 2010 regarding Julian Assange, founder and voice of Wikileaks:

Beckel's menacing threats might have turned eerily prophetic when Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was murdered in the streets of Washington D.C. in early July 2016 after allegedly providing ruinous material to Wikileaks.

Are we living in an 'idiots dream'?

...more likely a lunatic's dream?

Still doubts about media coverage bias? 

More about gun control hypocrisy and military industrial psychosis at the following links: 

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