Saturday, February 6, 2016

Nepal -- All-Season Paradise

From ECS magazine's February 2016 Edition, Nepal's All-Season Bounty:

"Nepal is a festive country with fascinating traditions, lifestyles, and natural treasures from cities to remote rural destinations. It is most famous as a boundless outdoor paradise. Starting with luxuriant greenery of the lowlands to fertile hills surrounded by emerald and golden paddy fields and dense forests on up to arid highlands surrounded by peaks spiraling into the skies. The country is wide open to outdoor activities in all seasons. The hospitable population offers plenty of chances to get involved, or just observe cultural traditions and festivals. From culture to all-out adventure, and everything in between, whatever a visitor might be looking for, Nepal is an all-season destination."

If you would like to join a trek of a lifetime in this Himalayan Paradise, please contact the Himalaya Specialists of Neo Horizon Travels. Cheers and keep on trekking and enjoying the outdoor life.

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