Friday, August 28, 2015

Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting for World Peace?

It's a new idea in my scope of awareness.
Will have to see it to believe it...
That is, I'll believe it when I see everybody kung-fu fighting...

'ooooa oooa oooa oooa, oooa oooa oooa oooooaaaaa

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lightning...

It's an ancient Chinese art
And everybody knew their part
From a feint into a slip
And a kickin' from the hip
Everybody was Kung Fu fighting

We took the bow and made a stand
Started swaying with the hand
The sudden motion made me skip
Now we're into a brand new trip

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting

Make sure you have expert timing

Kung Fu Fighting
It's as fast as lightning'

#karate, #worldpeace, #kungfufighting, #fastaslightening, #Lainchaur, #Nepal, #kungfu, #carldouglas

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