Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Picking Flowers on the Moon

Synthetic incense is the aromatic equivalent of the plastic flower -- an assault on reality. What incense does to the nose, plastic flowers do to the eyes. 

The world is saturated with the not-so-naked ape's pollutants. Burning incense has the ill-effects of burning plastic flowers…both infuse fresh oxygen with toxins and produce a wildly synthetic odor. Why create something flagrantly unnatural? 

A plastic flower is not 'a rose by any other name'...it's synthetic deception and exceedingly poor deception at that...unnatural incense contaminates the air we breathe, particularly when burned in enclosed spaces (cough-hack-gasp).

Burning incense for purification paradoxically ends up polluting the ecosystem. To thine own Mother Nature can humans continue to be so untrue?
  Better to pick flowers on the moon -- far, far away from fatuous human endeavor, wayward Homo sapiens machinations and endless toil on earth.

#Pollution #Incense #NotSoNakedApe

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