Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gossip Whoring Expats

Is there anything to love about smarmy gossip whores that infest the free world (Kathmandu and Rishikesh are especially overrun)…mainly expats with little better to do and incessant energy for it. Busybodies gather in low-rent flats over cheap dinners and drinks and conjure half-baked ideas about their community of fellow humans based on anecdotal ‘evidence’…e.g., if these flibbertigibbet-bimbos spot a gal and guy hanging out together then it is presumed that they are lovers…base envy or because they themselves would never have an opposite-sex friend that they were not immediately snogging?

Well, the smarmy gossip harlots (of both genders) cannot be too happy if they have to distill satisfaction from fabricated chinwag (and those among them that are chain dope-smoking or excessive drinking obviously cannot be too happy with their expat lives that they are escaping through chemical assistance). Here is an unsolicited suggestion to these busybodies, stop thinking about and talking about others for an immediate boost in personal well-being.

The ridiculous human monkey mind is at it constantly (and viciously) and the gossip whores are clear and present evidence. Give the monkey mind nothing to do and it will return a lower-intestine load of ignorance as a main offering to an already, overly-miserable world…ignorance until the end of eternity—hopefully not beyond.

Here is a message for the condescending, wiggle-waggle floozies that infest the planet, don't mind,

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