Thursday, February 5, 2015

Earthlings, in general, accept climate change as reality yet seem to largely ignore any personal responsibility for it. If anything, people might sign online petitions or do  simple things like using cloth grocery bags and composting organic refuse but remain aloof and leave the blame and work on governments. 
The great majority who actually believes in climate change simple let themselves personally off the hook and simply do nothing -- perhaps not knowing what to do in the first place or feeling overwhelmed by the massive problem. Most of these people do not see a personal role in the problem and certainly not a personal role in the global solution. 
Unfortunately, the option of relying on bureaucracy and not acting individually is eco-cidal (destruction of the natural environment) and that ultimately becomes omni-cidal (destruction of the human race). As we all know, governments and bureaucracies  are notoriously woeful at accomplishing anything fruitful and often widen problems before understanding and working at solving them.
Crossing swords with climate change takes individual action worldwide. The good news is that this can be quite simple. Each one of us can be an individual swordsman and can take individual action. Isn't it quite easy for each one of us to modify personal behavior for real effects rather than getting a group of people to do the same. And if each one of us (who understand that climate change is an unambiguous, threatening issue) takes action then we can lead the way to offset the problem as best we might. Cheer up, it’s in our hands if we so take control of our own actions.

This video might get you started on “being the change you want to see in the world”

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