Saturday, February 7, 2015

3-Minute Workout--You've got to be joking!

C'mon, a three minute workout isn't possible, at least a decent one that works...
Try it to believe it, and judge results on your own.
This three Minute (yoga-esque) blazing-quick workout is ideal for people who lack time, energy, motivation et cetera…or just want a fast workout, no strings attached (i.e., no change of clothes, no getting to the gym/workout venue, no shower after…nothing external required…that is, you can do just about anywhere!).
These so-called  Tibetan Rites for Rejuvenation might be shrouded in a bit of mystery, but they are just what some people might need at this point in their life (a quick, doable workout that doesn't take loads of time and motivation). Personally, after abandoning nearly all that was good for me including yoga practice and meditation, this quick and easy workout* fits my current low-investment needs and can be done just about anywhere with a few square-meters to spare.
This Wikipedia link has dynamic icons…not wanting to slow down for a moment, I skipped directly to these icons and ignored the article itself… cheers and enjoy…see you after three minutes of health improvement.
*workout: structured regime of physical exercise: She goes to the gym for a workout twice a week (definition #2 of workout‘ supplied by

If you have done the above and still want more, then Swami Krishnanada, provides a great introduction to Yoga, Meditation and Japa Sadhana. Here is the intro that I wrote to his brief, powerful booklet:
This small book combines philosophy and practice neatly into one. Brief and to the point, it offers invaluable instructions and explanations — ready for immediate use. The teachings are easy to digest and put into practice to experience mindfulness and vitality. Swami Krishnananda clarifies yoga, meditation and japa sadhana (reciting or remembering a mantra or name of a divine source) in a way that reveals our inseparability from both Universal Consciousness and Supreme Consciousness. In his own words, “You will see for yourself that it makes you a different person. Small wonders and miracles will begin to take place around you…Not only that, it will be a great service that you do to humanity itself.”
Access a free pdf or $0.99 Kindle version.

May you find happiness and the causes thereof!

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