Thursday, June 23, 2016

Why give distant, faceless bureaucrats power without accountability?

Similar to aid agents in Nepal who are abetting and colluding with the ruling gangsters…can outsider’s really know how best to overmaster Britain?

Why is there even consideration to allow closed-door, faceless commissars and factotums, largely exempt from their own diktats and decrees, any power--especially power with little to no oversight and accountability?

The more distant a governing class is from the people they govern, the less accountability this ruling class will have and generally, the less voice and freedom for the people governed.

Does Britain really want to allow distant, faceless bureaucrats, crony faux-capitalists and crony socialists any more power whatsoever to govern British lives--any power at all?

Why invite this faceless authority into existence with power over Britain--distant rulers deciding what Britons can and cannot do?

I truly believe that the fewer people you have telling you what to do, the better off you will be.

Of course, it’s only a perspective…biased by my values and experiences. Some people peer through an entirely different looking glass. If anyone can claim absolute truth on this issue, then I’d be even more surprised. 

Cheers for your kind consideration.

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