Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Chronic Politician?

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Career public servant in the USA…worth tens of millions of dollars (if not hundreds of millions)...does that add up to integrity in public service?

Now, if a career politician in Nepal (where I was lucky enough to have been posted in the US Peace Corps) was found to be worth millions of dollars, and essentially, s/he had done nothing beyond politics his/her entire career—it would be clearly evident--high chances of hanky-panky, graft and corruption squeezed out of a dysfunctional system. 

The widespread pox of corruption is actually lethal in Nepal. Long-suffering people bear the consequences of a stifling lack of progress and development (despite decades of indefinite aid) and face chronic poverty and its many ills including an inordinate amount of suffering from bone weakening hunger and lack of hygiene and health care to lack of education, human rights and opportunity and much more beyond a lack of basic fundamental necessities.

There seems to be a different gauge in the USA for measuring such malfeasance. At any rate, someone who has been a public servant virtually an entire career and has amassed tens of millions of dollars (if not much hundreds of millions)…

Well, isn’t it obvious?

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