Sunday, June 26, 2016

Whingeing Pommies?

Of course the Brits excel at everything from education and culture to wit and witticism or so they would have us believe.

Nevertheless, will whingeing pommy pettifoggery ever cease? No matter how far from home a Pom roams, they now even decry emancipation from faceless bureaucracy, crony faux-capitalism and crony socialism (most obstreperous are the Egglish from Eggland :)

Enjoy the newfound freedom...if it can be achieved..I truly believe that the fewer people you have telling you what to do, the better off you will be. If regulation is needed, then the nearer regulators are to home the more informed and effective they will be. Right, isn't this bedrock common sense?

Cheers for your consideration. Of course, it's only a perspective...biased by my values and experiences. Some people peer through an entirely different looking glass. If anyone can claim absolute truth on this issue, then I would be even more surprised.

Cheers again for your kind consideration.

More about this here, Why give distant, faceless bureaucrats power without accountability? 
and Guess Who Else are not in the vaunted EU 

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