Monday, May 9, 2016

East versus West on Everest?

NBC News published Mount Everest Guide Services Warn About Cut-Rate Competitors
by on 8th May 2016.

The author mentions an East versus West conflict on Everest. Actually, more well-aimed might be to target Nepal's government gangsters. They eat over half of the Everest pie in fees and bribes and offer no real benefits to fee-payers in return (except nominal permission to climb) and no benefits to the nation itself. 

That might be the driving force behind any conflict at higher elevations. The massive fees collected by government gangsters do not reach the people of Nepal, especially the deserving locals in Sagarmatha National Park, the region of Solu-Khumbu where expeditions operate. 

The huge amounts paid by outfitters and mountaineers in government fees are essentially lost to corruption and take away from potential earnings of all workers on the mountain including Sherpa guides.

Would there still be a supposed conflict between climbers and support crew without the government graft that is illegitimately taking away from hardworking outfitters, guides, porters, cooks and other staff and other local businesses and residents, too?

Photo by Alonzo Lyons
Photo by Alonzo Lyons
Photo by Alonzo Lyons

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