Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bigger and Tastier Fish to Fry?

Photo by Alonzo Lyons
Yes, the Nepali people have much bigger and tastier fish to fry, and instead are caught up dealing with an entitled, self-absorbed ruling gang and legions of meddling foreign agents-- most interventionists bent on 'fixing' this faraway land have few to no culture and language skills – deadbeat donors

Meanwhile, the downtrodden people have long faced chronic poverty and its many ills while under the thumb of apartheid, really, for centuries. The ruling gang and its enablers have all but destroyed the cultural ethos and country itself. 

The dysfunctional system is as disastrous as a Marxist nightmare.  An entitled gang has controlled the state and resources for the foreseeable past including the police, military, judges, hospitals, schools, media, commerce, land and obviously wealth and power. Citizens are subjugated to this entitled ruling gang and have next to nothing including few rights for self-determination and instead are dictated to by the state, elitists and even by an endless phalanx of unaware foreigners operating in Nepal.

Government gangsters and development schemes have stifled human rights including the freedom of self-determination, industry, creativity and free enterprise. The people are totally subjugated to the custodians of 'development'. They have next to nothing including few human rights and little freedom to do any enterprise on their own -- instead they face insurmountable hurdles including prohibitive fees and bureaucratic red tape with non-transparent rules and regulations that gives leverage for graft and extracting bribes.

The aid schemes that play along with the dysfunction are a warped socialist experiment that have six decades of non-success on poverty metrics and development indices, and in sum, it is worse than any Marxist nightmare.

The entitled elite control the state and foreigners play into the dysfunctional system by either trying to take the place of broken elements, and in doing so bolstering the buffer between reality and crony socialism…the ruling gang thereby has no motivation or need to answer to the people... or by warping society by enabling dysfunction  with outside funds going directly to the wrong places and into the wrong hands and instilling a donor mentality where little gets done without a pledge of aid funds (earthquake reconstruction is crippled by this mentality).

How about striving for human rights with the right to be free of government and foreign meddlers and their costly, lethal interference?

Photo by Alonzo Lyons
Photo by Alonzo Lyons
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