Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Titanic Immortal? ( 泰坦尼克号不朽?)

"我喜欢叔叔把我举过头顶,这样我能感觉到他的力量,我觉得他就是一个力大无比的神仙” --Jason   
Translation: "I like that my uncle lifted me over his head so that I could feel his power; I think he is a titanic immortal."

Now that's a unique perspective from a young mind that has quickly become my favorite compliment ever from The Middle Kingdom, i.e., China, and the most undeserving. From future hero Jason, kindhearted, genius son of a close friend 

All things considered, I can't wait to encounter a 'titanic immortal' wandering earth's spinning purgatory and assisting mere mortals to finding the long, lost way home.

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