Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dhirdo Power 24 Hour?!

Photo by A. Lyons in Rukum, part of Nepal's wild, wild west
Savor a heaping taste of quintessential Nepali fare... beyond daal-bhat tarakari which is a heaping plate of rice with lentil soup and curried vegetables is a lesser know but equally delicious, Nepali dish known as dhirdo . 

Dhirdo is a heaping plate of puréed corn or millet mash typically served with lentil soup and curried vegetables (ingredients for dhirdo and daal-bhat-tarkari are locally sourced and farm fresh).

Accompany the tasty Himalayan fare with a classic Nepali beverage...chiyaa (sweet black or milk tea); fermented spirits include chyang (not distilled) and raksi (distilled) from locally grown maize, rice, millet and sometimes fruit...indispensable for entertaining guests (including you?!)

If you would like to savor your own plate of Himalayan fare and enjoy a mug or two of local spirits along with it, then please contact a Himalayan specialist soon at

Upcoming departures in the nirvana of Nepal include the following and more: 

Photo by A. Lyons in Rukum, part of Nepal's wild, wild west

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