Monday, June 1, 2015

Two four-letter words make for dreadful viewing

Base + Ball = Boring for virtually all non-fans of the slow, tedious sport, especially if endured by audio broadcast. Could watching winter grass grow be more dull?

I am traveling in northern Thailand hunting out a work prospect...specialty art items to sell within Asia and beyond and that seems to have fallen through while I was already on the slow moving train from Bangkok.

I arrived to Chiang Mai, aka, 'Rose of the North' in pre-dawn hours and was looking forward to a quiet, cool (relatively cool that is-- cool here means not sweat drenched) morning walk to my guest house 45 minutes away while listening to ESPN radio live on iTunes. Unfortunately, to my benumbed morning mind, ESPN programmed or shall I say inflicted on listeners...a live baseball game-- in May no less when the season is slowly beginning and teams are not in close battles for the playoff. Just when I need ESPN the most they do this haha-weepweep. 

ESPN couldn't possibly have programmed something more repellent than live baseball in May except maybe airing on radio details of an apple pie being made live including commentary during cooking time in the oven...or worse, live bowling and golf commentary any time of year-- the most ardent sports radio listeners would be puking over their sound systems out of boredom alone.

Even if it had been World Series game seven that was on during that early morning stroll, I wouldn't listen to it live. No disrespect to misunderstood baseball fans, but that is just me. I am thinking of 'writing a letter' as people do in such horrible circumstances :)  To whom should it be addressed...director of programming for international radio in Thailand 5 AM hour Sunday morning...hehe. A simple message--baseball is never appropriate.

Actually, my limited experience with ESPN radio on iTunes had heretofore been a pleasant way to pass time while traveling...usually it's talk show guys who know in-depth trivia of sports from distant past to present day. They are interesting if not insightful with loads of guests and call-ins, and topics du jour covering everything from FIFA mis-governance to pitchers doctoring baseballs to who is a better team player/leader LeBron or Jordan, and why talented players like Harden and Iverson don't win championships and much more...yeah, sometimes the testosterone overrides and discussions digress into bar-room blather and chest-pounding but it's better than listening to the wheels of tuk-tuks go round and the sound of the blades of ceiling fans whizzing...notwithstanding baseball and baking an apple pie live on ESPN radio. 

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