Wednesday, June 24, 2015

RE: A Small Step Forward in Nepal

What a refreshingly well-written and insightful opinion piece by an informed and talented Thomas Bell. As hinted at by Bell, an unfortunate effect of quake philanthropy will be abetting a dysfunctional government and status quo.

Wayward officials and factotums have long used their station and leverage to look after their own interests and their own kin, kith and wider entourage in a self-serving way rather than acting as proper functionaries and serving the whole community impartially. They have imprisoned Nepal in an endless bandh – a country under the thumb of its own unethical administrators and an oppressive societal structure with paralyzing entitlements.

Office holders and administrators have robbed able and talented Nepalis of a chance to move Nepal forward with their own dreams, capabilities and efforts. Poor governance has fatally prolonged development and has endowed the nation with chronic poverty and the troubles it brings of ill-health, hunger, malnutrition, lack of education, lack of opportunity, exploitation, suffering, injury, disease and premature death.

With the exception of necessary emergency relief, taking away foreign aid and intervention might be the best chance to pull the plug on cancerous politicians, cannibalistic bureaucrats and their accomplices whom aid otherwise enables and empowers. 

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