Wednesday, June 24, 2015

RE: [Shamefully] Awkward Moment

Brilliant wordsmith Mahabir Paudyal very perceptively describes the open dirty secrets that everyone already knows about and from which lethal suffering results...Office holders and government and I/NGO administrators have for decades robbed able and talented Nepalis of a chance to move Nepal forward with their own dreams, capabilities and efforts.

The following are excerpts from Awkward Moment, an Op-Ed in My Republica, 23 June 2015:  

"Most of what happens within these agencies—such as how most things they do is limited to paperwork, how only staffs benefit from grants and assistance—remain hidden. INGOs are often manned by privileged people who are often critical of the government but defend their position or stay quiet for fear of losing their privilege."
"One doubts government ministers and donor representatives will be able to visualize these disturbing images while they are shaking hands, faking smiles, exchanging pleasantries, and serving or being served with sumptuous meals inside a comfortable hotel in Kathmandu."
"It will be no surprise if the conference ends up being a mere ritual."

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