Thursday, April 5, 2018

Equal Freedom Under the Law

Aid Agents: if not working for clean governance first and foremost, then are you part of the lethal problem...?
Provide people with self-determining freedom and get out of their way completely (unfortunately, the precise opposite of what happens in the world of indefinite ‘aid’).

This is the simplest, fastest recipe in the cookbook--freedom with human rights and equality of opportunity and then leave everything alone.

Unfortunately, the ruling class and aid agents have other ideas--prodding, fiddling and meddling (typically in self-serving ways that benefit the aid workers along with the ruling gangsters).

Even the USA has certain elements of a political class that are ‘too big to jail’ along with banksters who are ‘too big to fail’ along with un-elected, faceless bureaucrats who implement actions and policy without facing oversight and the brewing together of the above factors and others results in corruption including BigGov-BigCorp collusion that goes unchecked—equal freedom under the law seems a distant goal. 

Any practical ideas...?

#BigAid #CronyAid #DeadAid #globaldev #Nepal #SDGsNepal #FreedomNepal


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