Thursday, January 21, 2016

'Intellectual Materialism'

"Who is right and who is wrong...
Who's got the best idea, the best theory, the best explanation.
arguing about ideas, speculations, and thoughts..." --Ajahn Brahm

In other words, 'Intellectual Materialism'...eloquent and pretentious posturing...

The whole talk by Ajahn Brahm, inspired by virtuoso 'Intellectual Materialists' Sam Harris and Deepak Chopra can be found here,
"Responding to a debate between Sam Harris and Deepak Chopra which appeared to be lacking in science and philosophy and resembled more the arguments had every day between ordinary people. Ajahn Brahm criticises intellectual materialism for lacking heart nor a sense of humour. The purpose of both religion and science should not be defending doctrines and books, but developing a deeper understanding of life and respect for one another. As Ajahn Brahm states,'We mistake the ideas for the truth. We mistake the theories for the underlying emotional freedom which those theories are supposed to be pointing. The sign posts are not the destination.'”

Image of graffiti by Banksy

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