Friday, October 9, 2015

'SOS, Inc. -- The Tricky Ethics of the Lucrative Disaster Rescue Business'

Ben Ayers is an acquaintance and a fascinating and talented guy. He is quoted in this article, "The Tricky Ethics of the Lucrative Disaster Rescue Business" (by Abe Streep, WIRED magazine, August, 2015). “There is the issue of those flights going to pick up wigged-out tourists instead of going to pick up really fucked-up people in Gorkha.” 

I agree with him while humbly contending that indefinite aid to Nepal has severely crippled her politically and economically and even damaged the cultural ethos. 

Of course, assistance is necessary in a humanitarian crisis. Unfortunately for Nepal, foreign agents have been operating since the 1950's with little oversight beyond toothless internal reviews that often overlook and reinforce mistakes and errant campaigns. Ironically, decades of 'aid' contributed to the pathetic situation of complete unpreparedness for a natural disaster and inability to respond for lack of essential infrastructure including roadways, medical and civil facilities and other networks and operations managed by skilled and knowledgeable people.

In reality, prioritizing 'aid' over commerce all these years has severely hampered progress and development and indoctrinated a donor mentality with adverse effects worse than any virus or natural disaster for that matter. It has wounded society to the core. In particular, foreign agents tend to abet and endow dysfunctional elements of the status quo (knowingly and most often, unknowingly). If the talented people of Nepal had been left to their own initiative for the last six decades without the interference of foreigners and the ruling establishment as well as a privileged gang with unmerited entitlements then the dazzling Himalayan skyline and beyond would have been the limit. Nepal would be a paradise for the locals and not just transitory tourists. Instead of paradise, it has been led astray and is continually teetering on the brink of failed state status. 

With all due respect, if foreigners truly want to assist, if they believe that they can travel overseas to effect change in a foreign land (typically enjoying high salaries that put them in the 1% of the very people that they aim to ‘aid’), then the best thing imaginable for development and progress would be to free the people from oppressive and corrupt governance including bureaucrats from the Mechi (eastern border) to the Mahakali (western border). Then the people could pursue their own dreams and ambitions with their own talents and capabilities.

Any other actions other than cleaning up governance tend to do have the opposite effect, i.e., endow a dysfunctional system and privileged gang with unearned entitlements. More power and leverage to the wrong gang has been prolonging issues of development and progress with extremely dire consequences for the honest people of Nepal including an inability to cope with a natural crisis and the pox of chronic poverty with its lethal ills.

Nepalis deserve better. Poor governance for the foreseeable past put them in a position of vulnerability. Apart from post-disaster humanitarian relief, Nepalis are more than talented, knowledgeable and capable enough to do what needs to be done in their homeland…if foreign agents and organizations and the political establishment would simply be willing to get out of their way for once after six decades of stifling interference that has dis-empowered the people.

As Dr. Dambisa Moyo cries out about her own motherland, “Let my people go!”

Painting of handcuffed anjali mudra, i.e., 'namaste', by Barnaby Codling, all rights reserved.
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