Saturday, September 2, 2017

Aid-Ridden Haiti and Beyond

Sadly, from years of observation in aid-ridden Nepal, this article on extreme malfeasance by aid agents in Haiti is more the norm than exception in the world of aid and development.
Aid industry workers and ruling gangsters typically profit the most from often deathly interventions (particularly lethal due to the overwhelming oppression of people and the pox of chronic poverty and all its ills including lack of hygiene and health care, disease and premature death, lack of education and opportunity, migration abroad to exploitative work and even slavery and so on--people are dying for want of clean, transparent rule of law).

The aid industry's highly compensated, self-serving social engineering has been warping societies for the worst while their personal bank accounts become swollen with tax-free pelf and they rack up merit points on social media. 

"Aid undermines what poor people need most, effective, transparent government." -Nobel Prizewinner in Economic Sciences 2015, A. Deaton

"Development isn't a matter of 'experts', it's a matter of human rights." -W. Easterly, New York University Development Research Institute

“The incompetence is mind numbing...The UN/INGO people I encountered were frequently out of touch…anachronistic in their thinking at best and arrogant and incompetent at worst.There is NO accountability in the UN system or international humanitarian system.
[The local people] wanted to help themselves...they are experiencing UN/INGO fatigue...” -Chelsea Clinton, excerpted from a letter to her parents, Bill and Hillary Clinton, reporting on the state of humanitarian intervention and foreign aid in Haiti after the earthquake of 2010.

Free Nepal and the world from Dead Aid and Deadbeat Donor Darlings...


  1. So true. Excellent article and quotes!

  2. Nailed it. Without accountability this will never get better. So scary with all these natural disasters happening around the world right now. So many people in need of genuine help. Thanks Lonny.