Saturday, May 6, 2017


Exploiting poverty to extract wealth (and social status through Virtue Signaling, e.g., ‘look at me Fakebook friends – here in Nepal for 'Disaster Recovery')?

Nepal is failing through indefinite aid and not in spite of it. This Himalayan nation needs freedom from crocodilian ruling cronies, cancerous bureaucrats and an interfering aid cadre. They are abetting each other and are the biggest beneficiaries of the ‘aid’ they promote and that oozes into and through their offices, hands and pockets with but a trickle if anything left remaining for the people for whom it was targeted. The general population is suffering for lack of opportunity with chronic poverty and a host of other ills and lethal side-effects of dysfunction, corruption and malfeasance.

"The rich have markets, the poor have [cannibalistic, dysfunctional] bureaucrats [abetted by self-serving, deadbeat donor darlings]" -W. Easterly, Researcher of Development Economics, NYU, author of The Tyranny of Experts

Time for a Nexit from the crony ruling class and deadbeat donor darlings? The crony socialism of Nepal’s aid paradigm in collusion with the ruling class gangsters has failed on a massive scale causing enduring harm. Hasn’t six-plus decades of indefinite aid brought enough devastation to the people and culture of Nepal (even more than war, even more than natural disasters)?

Aid entrepreneurs, especially ones without language and culture skills, please consider ceasing and desisting. “Let my people go!” cries Dr. Dambisa Moyo, author of Dead Aid, about indefinite aid in her home country of Zambia.

Can the ghastly destruction of a people, culture and country abetted by indefinite 'aid' intervention by foreign donor darlings continue much longer without total collapse after decades of misguided 'aid' and centuries of ruling class domination (i.e., caste apartheid) that the 'aid' abets?

"Do not go abroad to slay dragons that you don't understand" -John Quincy Adams, 6th US President

“Aid undermines what poor people need most: effective government.” -Angus Deaton, Nobel Prizewinner in Economic Sciences, 2015

“The problem of poverty is not a shortage of experts. It’s a shortage of rights...the most important factor in lifting people out of poverty is allowing free markets and entrepreneurship to flourish...when there's an environment of universal rights for poor people, for citizens of a society, then that does indeed make technical solutions happen." -William Easterly, Ph.D., New York University Professor of Economics, author of The Tyranny of Experts

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