Thursday, February 2, 2017

Social Justice Hypocrisy and a Convenient Untruth?

Do self-styled 'Social Justice Warriors' ever have the suspicion that their Hive Mind is being duped?

Or, is this just more selective outrage of group-think and convenient untruth?

Was Bill Clinton more radical on immigration than DJT (video below)--and the 'tolerant left' doesn't mind while congress gives Slick Willie the Dixiecrat-in-Chief a standing ovation?

Meanwhile, back in 2017, media manipulation is fueling hysteria and even (gasp) violent behavior. Bizarre reporting seems to be fomenting incredibly negative speculation of the damage the new administration is expected to do. Speculation and commentary more than reporting of evidence...

Please rely on Independent Media as well as Mainstream Media to try to piece together what is commentary and perhaps downright fiction and what might actually be reality.

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