Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Waive Visa Fees to Boost Arrivals?

Yes! Great idea, and in the process, why not eliminate all government sectors that charge fees without providing legitimate services?

Likewise, eliminate I/NGOs that feed these illegitimate bureaucrats and leaders, empowering them over citizens with few rights.

As financial barriers to tourism drop (e.g., visa fees, trekking permit fees, restricted area fees, temple entry fees, TIMS card fees, taxes on guides, taxes on outfitters, airport departure taxes, airline operating taxes), tourism will experience a spike. 

As tourism increases, revenue will spread to all sectors who earn it from city taxi drivers to remote lodges and all phases in between -- the honest, hardworking people providing real services and products will receive their due share with a fair profit margin that is not pinched by illegitimate means.

Revenue previously taken improperly and without a return of value by the ruling establishment gang would then go to people who actually deserve it. 

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