Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It's the ecosystem smarties (with your precious heads buried deep in drought-parched sand)

Leading causes of species extinction, deforestation, ocean dead zones, water depletion, and wider environmental degradation are the meat and fishing industries. If no other reason to give up animal flesh, then reflecting on the all-important natural environment might provide greater motivation. The natural environment has a critical link to climate change and affecting one will affect the other, hopefully for the better...Many cheers for your kind consideration.

The great scourge of planet earth, Homo sapiens sapiens
#climateimpact #climatechnage

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  1. Always worried abt same subject´s and even my closest friends find it hard to separate the disponsal, we live right in the country side is so easy to put organic´s apart, but nobody likes to participate. if it makes any good at least someone is producing a plastic out of veggies so it can desintegrate much faster' and some of us try hard to avoid it still is a continuos story' why we just integrate that we produce waiste we should handel it diffrently'