Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How to Overcome Depression Naturally

From the good people of Reader's Digest: How to Overcome Depression Naturally (ho-la/maybe)
***addendum to suggestion #1…defragging 'fuggwits’ as much as possible—my personal example and instant mood downer -- (most) aid-entrepreneur expats in Nepal (many of them deny that they are even working in aid—excusing role as something else,‘advisor’ or ‘consultant’, while receiving relatively massive payments from DFID, SNV, USAID, GIZ and others) and wreaking (often unwittingly from inside a self-serving bubble) havoc as they treat the country as a personal playground knowing little of the lingo and culture and plead ignorance about the hazards of the aid industry.

Life can be hard enough without these people adding to the burden of blues as they and the ruling gang that they help to sponsor trample and bully the real Nepalis.

#Depression, #DonorDarlings, 

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