Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rugby Match in My Belly - Incredible India

Dysentery strikes again in !ndredibly (Unclean) !ndia. Too !ncredible! Unfortunately, not much concept of enviromental degradation by the vast majority of a vast number of people :(

My "traveler's tummy" is bad enough that it feels like a rugby match along the length of my enteric system.

If gets worse, then might have to douse system with allopathy.

And then, if survive, I will be overly committed to protecting the 'god-hole'...no more rouge, culinary adventuring  no matter how deliciously tempting the street food and drink (espcially freshly pressed sugarcane juice with fresh-pressed lime, ginger and mint).

Update: Now taking the Mercedes-Benz of antibiotics, azithromcin...

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